America: default averted due to cuts in Defense

Amongst other things.

In 1964, Britain changed the name of its War Office (the cabinet post was the Secretary of State for War) to the Ministry of Defence (MOD).

In America, they appear to have felt beseiged by the possibility of war, forever.  Thank goodness at long last cuts will be made to the Pentagon budget, as a result of the debt-reduction compromise being pushed through Congress right now.

Cuts in this area need to take place.  America is NOT at War.

It has only been attacked twice in the past one hundred years - at Pearl Harbor in 1941, and again on 9/11 2001.

Yet due to its paranoia of Communism and the Soviets, and then of  global Terrorism, its armaments industries have kept lobbying for defense procurement and military intervention.

Due to its need for austerity, perhaps now it will see sense:  it doesn't need an enemy to develop a future for itself and is not, and never was, the saviour of either the world or democratic tradition.

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