Asia Pacific: massive change underway in top six economies

Certain countries should develop very rapidly by 2050.  Which are they?

Over the next thirty nine years huge changes in the economic circumstances of certain Asia-Pacific nations will occur, according to calculations by Goldman Sachs, an investment bank, in its BRIC and N-11 reports.

The top six Asia-Pacific economies now are:
  1. China
  2. Japan
  3. South Korea
  4. Indonesia
  5. Australia
  6. Taiwan
The top six Asia-Pacific economies in 2050 are predicted to be:
  1. China (same as 2010)
  2. Indonesia (up 2)
  3. Japan (down 1)
  4. South Korea (down 1)
  5. Vietnam (up 5)
  6. Philippines (up 4)
Foresighted and astute businesspeople might be wise to focus attention on all six in this latter group from now on, perhaps honing in on Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

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