New Zealand: growing Mana

A new political party attracts some notable names.

Aside Hone Harawira, 56, the leader, activist, ex-Māori Party member and sitting Mana MP for the Māori electorate of Te Tai Tokerau, who has his party attracted to its ranks?  

These people are some who've declared an interest in standing for the Mana Party in November 2011:
  • Sue Bradford, 59, high-profile ex-Green MP, Mana candidate for the general roll electorate seat of Waitakere in Auckland, currently held by prominent National MP and Minister of Social Development and Employment, Paula Bennett
  • Matt McCarten, 52, political organiser, Unite Union secretary and interim Chair of the Mana Party
  • John Minto, 58, left-wing political activist notorious for 1969 anti-Springbok tour campaign, Halt All Racist Tours, and union activism in Unite, who has just announced he'll re-enter the fray
  • Annette Sykes, 50, lawyer, Rotorua activist for Māori rights and self-government.
Is there a pattern emerging here?  Where's the youth-appeal?  Political experience, sure.  But present energy reserves might be tested during the arduous general election campaign ahead.  We might assume they're gym-fit.

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  1. If you're looking to someone from Gen "Why Bother" to step up, you may be disappointed...

  2. I wasn't talking necessarily of people to lead a youth wing, if Mana hasn't already got one going - which it may well have done. I know Curwen Rolinson the newly appointed leader of NZ First's youth side is a welcome breath of fresh air for that party which has up til now appealed to the grey vote almost exclusively... No, I was referring more to the likes of people of the age and potential of Gareth Hughes, the 29 year old Green MP; Nikki Kay, 31, the National MP for Auckland Central, her colleague on the Nat benches, Simon Bridges, the 34 year old MP for Tauranga; Jacinda Arden, the articulate 31 year old Labour list MP, etc.