Greece: in denial

The mind boggles as a national strike paralyses the country and it slides towards default.

As much as hard-pressed Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou uses every ounce of his political nous to pursuade Germans of the need to persist in bailing out his country, Greece fails to meet deficit targets and Greek public sector workers walk out over austerity measures.

The country surely needs to take a reality check? Or has Greece decided that the only way forward is debt default? 

It's almost singularly dependant on tourism. Yet how many visitors have been put off by negative publicity? It can't help that the place is in shut-down. Hardly the most efficient country at the best of times, for holidaymakers to believe it would be most unlikely if they enjoyed their vacation would induce most, I suspect, to select Turkey, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Croatia or Spain in preference.

With depleted foreign exchange, tax collectors refusing to gather revenue, and a government unable to run the country efficiently, why would Germans agree to maintain the flow of bail-out funds?

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