Libya: Hunt for Gaddafi is like "chasing a mirage"

As NTC forces shift south of Sabha to Awbari, the BBC reports "nothing but sand and rock stretching the 350km to the borders of Niger and Algeria." I don't agree.

There's Ghat.

This is the route that some members of Colonel Gaddafi's family, his intelligence chief and close associates took as they fled towards the Nigerien border. Tuareg territory. 

And here, according to the BBC, "90 percent of people" are still pro-Gaddafi loyalists. Green flags of the old regime adorn numerous buildings. So assertians like it's unlikely "Gaddafi could survive for long in the desert without logistical support and people to provide him with fuel, food and water" lead one to think that support is available to him if he wants it.

Is Gaddafi acompanied and protected by a troup of hardened Tuareg fighters, as he waits in Ghat for mercenary re-inforcements from Niger?

If so, the fellow is delusional. For would this despot actually believe he could return to Tripoli in triumph?

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