Spain: The Basque War is over

Eta lays down its arms.

Maybe the present weakness of the European Union induced Basque terrorists to relinquish their arsenal, for if not inside Spain or France then how would a free Basque Country survive without a continental-sized market? 

Perhaps it was the persistence of Spanish and French security forces in their pursuits of key Eta figures, many of whom now sit patiently in jails on long prison terms. Whatever the reason, Eta has put down its weapons forever.

Helping hugely in concentrating the minds of the Eta leadership would have been advice from experienced figures from Ulster. "The declaration follows a conference this week in the Basque Country, attended by international statesmen including former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, and protagonists in the Northern Ireland peace process. They called on Eta to lay down its arms" according to the BBC.

Euskadi Ta Askatusuna, the Basque Homeland and Freedom group, has allegedly killed 800 hundred people during its 40 year campaign. The BBC reported that "dozens of Eta militants, including successive leaders, have been arrested and jailed, and analysts say the group realises its days are numbered." 

Perhaps now the 667,000 Basques can get back to doing what they do best. Like making money in Bilbao or Biarritz, and enjoying that extraordinary squash-like sport of pelota which participants play with a wooden basket-shaped racket. 

And the Basques can stay Spanish or French, for the duration.

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