Falklands: Is Penn mightier than the sword?

Or has the ink run dry in the actor's argument?

How to court celebrity and potentially inflame an already heated debate simultaneously: American actor Sean Penn claims in Buenos Aires that the UK is guilty of "colonialism" over the "Malvinas", according to the BBC. Penn was meeting Argentine president Cristina Kirchner at the time.

So, what does Sean Penn think of the American occupation of Hawaii, Guam or Puerto Rico, I wonder?

And, in any event, the squabble over the Falkland Islands stems from a dispute between Spanish and British colonists. Not between British imperialists and some distant indigenous people, for the Falklands or Malvinas were uninhabited when Europeans first landed. Later, the Spaniards passed their claim over to the now defunct United Provinces of the River Plate, which included modern Uruguay.

The Falkland Islands should remain British for as long as the local population wants it. And that, no doubt, will be forever.

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