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Auckland: could raise funds by issuing corporate bonds. Ambitions plans require audacious leadership. October 12, 2011. 

Break up the supermarket chains.  As right now, consumers are getting a raw deal.  May 6, 2011. 

Is selling state assets dangerous?  National wants to sell 49% in five state-owned corporations by 2014.  How do they stop stakes being sold on overseas?  August 21, 2011.  

The loss of talent to Australia. How serious is it? November 23, 2011.  

The relentless rise of the Kiwi dollar. Is it justified. September 1, 2011. 

Two is a popular number. Why only two? August 31, 2011.


Might TVNZ7 go global?  The country should raise its profile and now has a vehicle to do it.  August 4, 2011.


A Brash ACT and two Maori parties.  Musical chairs in the political arena.  April 27, 2011.  

A problem with some imported doctors.  An immigrant doctor is fined over US$200,000 and struck off.  NZ has to recruit better doctors from somewhere.  April 21, 2011.  

Are ACT grey men in sharp suits? Or genuinely inclusive visionaries with the right plan to "move New Zealand forward"? September 22, 2011.   

Are worms flawed? A debate on a Prime Ministerial Debate. November 23, 2011.  

Could Rena open the door for Peters? What are Winston Peters' chances in Tauranga now? October 13, 2011.  

Flying start for new Conservative Party. Colin Craig's project lifts off the ground. How far can it get and what damage will it do to National, ACT and NZ First? September 20, 2011. 

Growing ManaA new political party attracts some notable names.  August 21, 2011.   

How could Labour have got it so wrong? And how can they put it right? Elect someone with charisma next time, but maybe that's easier said than done! October 26, 2011. 

Is a Christian Conservative coalition emerging? Kiwi Party won't stand candidates in November, as Christian democrats join the Conservatives. Is a new right in evidence? October 15, 2011.   

Keep but adjust MMP. The present system leads to disproportionality. November 16, 2011. 

Key to the future. Experience counts. November 27, 2011.  

Nats on course for an overall majority. Latest poll puts the senior Coalition partner ahead by a margin and Labour drops off into obscurity. Will Brash or Goff upset the apple-cart? October 2, 2011.  

Should Kiwis celebrate an English tradition? Guy Fawkes Night: an anomaly, or what? November 5, 2011.   

Someone has to lead the Opposition. Pick someone who can enthuse the million New Zealanders who didn't vote. November 30, 2011.   

The hidden election story is the Conservatives. Why did the media ignore it, and did John Key take tea with the wrong guy? November 25, 2011. 

The morning after a Great Victory. As Kiwis awake hungover after the mother of all celebration parties, what effect will the great RWC victory have on morale? October 24, 2011.

The prospect of a political earthquake. If Labour returns to power on Winston's coat-tails. November 18, 2011.

Why is the PM pressing ahead with asset sales? When only 14% of New Zealanders support them? November 13, 2011.

Will far more Asians vote in 2011?   Poor turnouts before.  Yet, they constitute 20% of Aucklanders and 10% of all Kiwis.  Will they vote en-masse next time?  August 22, 2011.


Fist-fighting in the real estate game.  Unsurprisingly atrocious behaviour from apallingly competitive salesgirls.  July 27, 2011.


The morning after a Great Victory. As Kiwis awake hungover after the mother of all celebration parties, what effect will the great RWC victory have on morale? October 24, 2011.

The Rugby World Cup is a huge marketing opportunity.  It might not make an initial profit, but it will showcase NZ and reconnect Kiwis internationally.  August 24, 2011.

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