Libya: Saif al-Islam captured

Gaddafi's son is in NTC hands.

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi has been caught "near the southern town of Obari and flown to the city of Zintan in the north" of Libya, according to the BBC. The International Criminal Court in The Hague in the Netherlands has called on the National Transitional Council of Libya to hand him over to face justice. 

So, the bepectacled charmer is in custody, and the people of Tripoli celebrate.

Let us all hope that this member of the Gaddafi family, at the very least, is transferred to the international authorities so that his crimes and those of the regime he supported (and was due to take over after his father's demise) can be exposed, analysed and punished. It is also vital that ill-informed supporters of the Gaddafi dictorship - and there are many throughout Africa - can realise once and for all that the Gaddafis were a force for evil and not the saviours of Africa they suppose. 

Perhaps now, at long last, Libya can begin to rebuild its shattered economy, society, cities and state institutions and re-enter the world as a respected democratic state. Perhaps now it can be, after Tunisia, another North African beacon of hope to the rest of Africa, much of which remains shackled by demagogues and autocrats who persist in raping their peoples of their wealth and freedoms.

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