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Can Gaddafi fight back from Ghat? The last loyalist stronghold in the Fezzan is a desert garrison town called Ghat. A fight-back might start here. October 1, 2011.  

Gaddafi is dead. Photographs of his corpse in Sirte are shown to the Libyan people. October 21, 2011. 

Gaddafi on the run.  Just about everyone is after him.  It isn't just the bounty loot, but a matter of national honour that he's caught or killed.  August 25, 2011.  

Gaddafi still posing a threat despite NTC gains. Mixed developments yet positive news as Obama meets Abdul Jalil in New York. The war persists... September 21, 2011.   

Hunt for Gaddafi is like "chasing a mirage". As NTC forces shift south of Sabha to Awbari, the BBC reports "nothing but sand and rock stretching the 350km to the borders of Niger and Algeria." I don't agree. October 17, 2011. 

Is Muammar Gaddafi still in Tripoli.  Or has he fled to a safer haven?  August 24, 2011.

Misrata must not fall.  The central plank to the Libyan rebellion must not succumb to Gaddafi's forces.  April 24, 2011.  

Now comes the hard bit.  How fast will Tripoli fall?  August 22, 2011.  

Saif al-Islam captured. Gaddafi's son is in NTC hands. November 20, 2011.   

Three Gaddafis escape capture.  Col. Muammar and sons Saif al-Islam and Mohammed are still at large, contrary to earlier reports.  August 23, 2011.

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