World Economy: The rise of the E7

Hot on the heels of the G7.

Well it had escaped me. I'd missed PriceWaterhouseCoopers' naming in 2006 in the Stern Review report of a rapidly growing emerging economic superstar group as the E7. But they did. 

So Russia, China, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico and Turkey are earmarked. By 2050 their combined economies are predicted to have superceded those of the now grand G7 (US, Japan, UK, Germany, France, Canada and Italy).

Incidentally, I'd be tempted to add Nigeria and South Korea and maybe even Vietnam to that PwC list, making it an E10.

It may be way before 2050 that these 7 economies surpass their mature G7 competitors. If anyone had any doubt, it's rising countries that firms and government agencies need to court for export market potential now that developed economies slumber, stumble and stagnate.

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