The Americas: commentaries

Commentaries on North America, Central America, the Caribbean, and Latin America

Brazil: Courts get tough on corrupt politicians.  How endemic is the problem though?  August 10, 2011.  

Brazil: Transform the Big Worm into a linear park. If New York can do it, so could Sao Paolo: kill the noise and pollution, and create an urban recreation facility. October 21, 2011. 

Canada: Mining the youth vote gold.  As Canadians go to the polls, will young people vote this time?  May 2, 2011.   

Costa Rica: A sharper shade of green.  There's money in them there forests.  August 17, 2011.  

Falklands: Is Penn mightier than the sword? Or has the ink run dry in the actor's argument? February 14, 2012.

Falklands: A market-garden industry takes off.  To become less vulnerable to antagonistic neighbours, these susceptible islands have opted for self-sufficiency. September 7, 2011. 

Greenland: Next for a UN seat?  Prospectors arrive and a farming bonanza is foreseen as the pro-independence government prepares to sever links with Denmark.  August 12, 2011. 

Haiti: can Michel Martelly bright prosperity?  he new president is sworn in proclaiming that change and improvements are on their way.  May 14, 2011.   

Mexico: Rick Perry might order troops to invade. As if to spice up a failing campaign, Rick Perry kick-starts a hot debate. But Mexican territory is sovereign, is it not? October 2, 2011. 

Mexico: What would improve under a Peña presidency? The front running ex-Governor of Mexico State has declared. October 4, 2011.  

Peru: Credit rating upgraded.  As the US and Japan experience credit rating downgrades, a Latin puma leaps forward. September 3, 2011. 

United States: For commentaries on the USA, click here.

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